Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Story Teller

We were once co-inhabitants of this world. A world of magical amusement and dreams. A place where childhood imaginative innocence is incorruptible…..but many of us have since left this world.

The world of fairies and mystical creatures living in the enchanted forest slowly grows fainter in our memories as we make the inevitable transition into adulthood. During the course of this shift, we have unconsciously remodelled our life and surroundings with limitations and mundane routines of secular concerns. Once in a while we do secretly wish to rekindle with the realms of fairyland.

LFSS is glad to share with everybody a sparkling gem of the enchanted woods in the form of Khairul Azmir Shoib, who has all this time kept his fabled creatures very much preserved and whimsical characters immortalized through his narrative paintings, drawings, sculptures and assemblages.

Khairul, or better known as Meme, hails from a small village in Perak, Malaysia. Meme is a fully homegrown artist who received his tertiary and post graduate education in Fine Art from UiTM. Albeit a soft spoken man of little words with a modest disposition, Meme’s works speak volumes for him, expressing on his behalf his style, passion and a genuine flair for mythical compositions.

Growing up in the village, Meme’s early influence in his artistic development is chiefly the natural environment, within which his fairy friends, gnomes, goblins and other endearing mystical companions dwell. His inspiration was also manifested from paranormal encounters, mysterious sightings as well as Star War movies, children fables by Hans Christian Anderson, The Brother Grimm fairy tales, magical accounts from the Quran and hours of music therapy. All these fascinating sources have always been apparent in his works. Often his works are accompanied by short passages from selected literature or song lyrics.

Meme’s work hitherto is a remarkable compilation of a series of artistic stories chronicled over the years onto canvases, some as sculptures and a myriad of other mediums. On a general overview, the darker side of nature dominates his early pieces. These works deeply convey a somewhat cryptic, enigmatic even melancholy experience. Over the recent years, Meme’s works seemed to have gradually shifted to a less shadowy flavour. His new richness with playful impish shades and three dimensional qualities now radiate from many of his new works.

Meme’s sculptural collection are another feast for the eyes. Created from imagination, these creatures and enchanted beings are all meticulously dressed up with elaborate costumes and intricate accessories that are thoughtfully designed to be fit the characters.

It doesn’t stop here. Meme has so much to offer. LFSS has merely scraped the surface of Meme’s work. So look out for his upcoming exhibitions.

More of Meme’s work can be viewed here at VERAME